Tasks to be performed by Corporación Mediterráneo
When the client entrusts us with his product, Corporación Mediterráneo not only advertises the property, but we also provide our knowledge in aspects such as:
  • Advise on the most suitable price for sale  (for this reason we must know well the area where the property is located).
  • To make the visits  with the possible buyers.
  • Drawing up a good earnest money contract with an interested buyer.
  • Collect the information of interest of the property through the verification of the information in the Property Registry.
  • Coordinate the parties when the transaction is signed at the Notary.
  • Why not, to advise the buyer before the different scenarios in which it can be found when it is studying with its financial entity the mortgage loan; since, of the viability of the mortgage it comes that the purchase-sale is signed. 
  • And, with the law in hand, the good real estate agent, must advise and manage everything that is related to energy certification..
We carry out official appraisals. But, what is an appraisal?
An appraisal can be defined as a valuation of a property; it is a document that is signed by a qualified professional and its objective is to establish in a justified way the value of a property, following previously established criteria and developing a methodology appropriate to the proposed purpose.
The appraisals are subject to a legal regulation that establishes the criteria and methodology to carry it out, and also establishes which professionals are qualified to do it.


We arrange appointments in a comfortable way and adapted to the schedule of our customers, and our email response service will be as fast as possible to get in touch with you because the most important thing is the speed of management and a dedicated treatment.

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