Definition: Typology, literally the study of types or classes, is responsible, in various fields of study, for making a classification of different elements. In the field of architecture, typology is the study of the elementary types that can form a standard that belongs to the architectural language. It can refer to the layout of a dwelling floor, for example, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms it has, etc.

Housing Typology

  • Collective dwelling: a building of mostly residential use that has common access and services for more than two dwellings.
  • Single-family dwelling: This is a building developed to be occupied entirely by a single family, and can be detached, semi-detached or semi-detached. Urbanistically, it generates low-density areas, with low environmental impact and service infrastructures.
  • Two-family dwelling: This is a building with two residential units, generally with two floors, with one complete dwelling per floor for two families. Urbanistically, it generates areas of low to medium density, with low environmental and service infrastructure impact, as well as moderate vehicular traffic.
  • Multi-family housing: This is a building in which three or more independent dwellings are grouped together, where coexistence is not an obligatory condition, and where the land is a common property. Urbanistically, it can generate high-density areas, with significant environmental impacts in terms of greater consumption of resources and waste generation, as well as a high impact on the urban landscape due to the greater height of the buildings, also requiring a wider road network.
  • Housing Cluster: A group of repetitive dwellings organised in a homogeneous architectural unit, composed of three or more housing units, single-family or multi-family, in which the existence and location of individual private property and use are subordinated to the location of areas and assets of communal property and use.
  • Semi-detached housing: This refers to houses that share at least one party wall. Many of these works of architecture look like a large house sharing the exterior design in housing estates.
  • Semi-detached houses: Semi-detached houses are a pair of houses that share a party wall, where there is an agreement between the parties according to the regulations.
  • Isolated housing: Housing surrounded by open space, without any wall in common with another.
  • High-rise housing: Grouping of dwellings in high-rise buildings.


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